We don't sell. We solve.
Whether you’re searching for custom uniforms, or a fresh fundraising idea, ProGear will be the engine that drives your organization to the finish line, giving you exactly what you envisioned, without compromise.

It starts by having our all-star graphic design team that simply can't be beat, already in your corner.

But a winning design, or idea, doesn’t just materialize because we have a bullpen of MVP caliber designers.

At ProGear, we’re the consummate team player, with the ability to play all positions.

We’ll listen.

And listen.

And listen some more.

If you have every detail mapped out like the perfect gameplan, we’ll follow your lead and dish out the assist, executing the design and manufacture of the product to your exact specifications.

If you need an experienced playmaker, we’ll utilize our veteran leadership to serve up inspiring ideas through our in-house computer aided designs, enabling you to envision what you and your team can have.

At ProGear, we do what others won’t, to help you achieve what others don’t.