At our ProGear uniform division, you will clearly understand the difference between semi-custom offered by others, and true ProGear custom, where every piece of fabric is cut to order. You will soon realize that your only limitation is your own imagination.

With limitless designs and design options, a choice of 17 pro grade fabrics to choose from, impeccable stitching and manufacturing details, at a cost that can’t be beat, you’ll see why ProGear is about to become a household name.

We’ll assist you with a mascot design, or give yours a “nip and tuck” if needed.

It’s what we do.

And, what we don’t do - use existing graphics just because they’re available. We’ll make you unique, spending countless hours developing and branding your team, at no expense to you. We’ll masterfully create a mascot, fierce or friendly, in action or standing still, that will be synonymous with your team, to be used as an embroidered uniform patch, or helmet decal.

Your limitless boundaries also include the use of fonts and numbers.

From the collegiate level to the pros, including the Boise State Broncos to the Oregon Ducks, we’ve replicated those unique number styles for you to use.

It begins with the design and ends with the manufacturing, where our seamstresses offer flawless stitching, and accurate positioning of numbers, names and nameplates.

It’s the little details that you as a customer will appreciate, but not recognize until comparing our uniforms, including the starching of every piece of tackle twill letter and number before assembly, to ensure perfection.

Come join our uniform division all starts with the best graphic design team available.

At ProGear, we won't make you a pro. We'll just make you look like one.